18 September 2011

Oh Andrew...

I started to organize our photos the other night using Picasa.  This was long over due.  For example, I still haven't printed more than 5 wedding photos.
I know I know, its bad.
After almost 3 straight hours looking at the screen (ouch!) I'm disappointed to say I'm still not done.
It's my own fault.  I like to reminisce as I organize, but something blatantly obvious stood out as I worked. 
After flipping through folder after folder I started to notice a lack of a certain someone.
I'll give you a hint

Perhaps he is always the one taking the photos, I don't know.  Either way  he was definitely in the minority.

So I just wanted to leave you all this Sunday with a highlight of someone I like to call daddy; I don't want Madelin to get confused.
I know what you were thinking...shame on you.

Bird watchers

I just want you all to note, he was as long as a bald eagle.
You're impressed I'm sure.

 Feeding the goats is now one of Madelin's favorite things to do.  He's right, we should be farmers.

This is from Madelin's birthday party.  You can see more on that here if you missed it.  Mmmm chocolate orange cupcakes.

Look at that shiny black hair, perfect smile.  Clearly I married him for his looks.

No really, I'm going to have to make it a point to get some good decent pictures of him. 
Is it a guy thing not to smile in pictures?  I thought they grew out of that.

So there you have it.  The man of our house.  (Love you Andrew)

Does anyone else have a noteworthy man they'd like to share a little something about or some tips/ tricks about Picasa since I'm a newbie?

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