Some young folks trying to make ends meet.
No, seriously though, making it work on a limited budget is stressful and hard sometimes (who am I kidding, all the time). We try to make the best of our situation and have some fun along the way. We don't spend our extra money on things people our age usually do. Instead, we buy seeds, gardening equipment, or if we're feeling really feisty - some beer. (New Castle to be exact, ya know, if you ever wanted to help a fella out)
Andrew is a daddy/gardener by day and chef by night. I am was a Lead-paraeducator at a school for special needs children. A job I loved and still do by the way. Unfortunately, working plus school didn't leave enough time for family, and we all know family wins every time. So we sucked it up, tightened our belts and put in my two weeks notice. Now I go to school (nursing school hopefully, if everything works out), try to be homemaker and have this sweet little gig on the side (hanging out with a friend of mine's mother). I'm also trying to find little ways to help bring home the bacon. So if anyone wants to commission a painting, I'm your gal.