12 July 2011

Party Time

Its been a year.
Approximately 365 days, 24 million feeding sessions, who knows how many diapers, and only 3 hours of sleep later, we made it.

I don't know what I was thinking when I found out I was pregnant. Images of mothers cuddling their (sleeping) infants, quiet walks, and family dinners flashed through my head.Wrong-O!
My eyes have been opened to say the least. In fact, I'll never see straight again I fear. Now don't get me wrong, I love our Madelin, but she's made me see a side of myself I didn't know I had. This side Andrew probably wishes he'd never seen. On the other hand, I love being a mother. I don't even mind the dirty diapers and spit up. I like having someone else home with me other than the dogs when Andrew is at work.

Boy am I glad that first year is done. New babies are precious, until the lights go out. At night they become wailing little monsters. No one tells you that. "How are they sleeping?" the nurses ask with a smile on their face as you sit in the hospital on your last night. "Oh, great. If she's not nursing she's sleeping." They give you no indication as to what you're about to get yourself into as you walk out that door. I'm sure its a cruel little joke of theirs.
Anyways, moving on. I'm not bitter or anything...right. So, Madelin's party. She wasn't supposed to have a party. We're not those kind of people. Wait, yes we are. Originally we had just planned on having family over to our house for a cookout and cake. As I started making the guest list the party took on a mind of its own. Just family ended up being around 30 people. Thirty people in a house under 1000 sq feet. I don't think so. Ok ok, we'll move it to mom and dads. Done. I decided to make the cake. It would be cheaper. Four dozen cupcakes and one smash cake later...we had cake. I also decided to make a couple decorations. Mickey Mouse. Not this stupid bright colored Mickey mouse clubhouse. More like the old silent Mickey. About of weeks worth of man hours later we had decorations. This party ended up being much more than I thought, but what the hell its a party for the sake of not having partied in over two years. (I didn't go out much while I was pregnant..one word....awkward)

All in all, it turned out great. She smashed a cake, everywhere, got WAY to many new toys and we got all the family together for the first time since our wedding. Success!

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  1. Wow a year already!! Happy Birthday Madelin! First, you guys look adorable and make the cutest couple I swear. I'm not biased. I'm not.
    The Mickey Mouse party decor looked awesome.

    Love you all!