04 September 2011

Madelin's Buddy

As I've said before...
We're dog people.
My mother will never understand.

Either you get it or you don't.

Our first baby dog was Pierre. He was a Cairn Terrier that Andrew gave me for Christmas about four years ago. He was a wild little thing, and that's putting it nicely.   It was my own fault.  I should have trained him (other than to sit).
He never cared for Madelin.  Even when she was just a tiny thing he'd try to squeeze in between us to cuddle.
He was also very loud and that doesn't mix well with a sleeping baby.

He had to go. He was growing old and crotchety and Madelin just didn't understand. So he went to a home with no small children and Tosha grew very lonely.
Tosha was our second dog.  We were smarter by then and bought a rescue dog.  One that was already potty trained.
So after Pierre left with our neighbors (Justin and Toby) she grew depressed.
She didn't play anymore, didn't want to go outside, and just laid by the front door.
It was sad.

So along came Athena.

Sure Madelin likes Tosha, but Tosha doesn't care for Madelin's rough-house style of play. Her defense maneuver is to shower Madelin with "kisses" until she leaves her alone.

Hold on... If you don't agree with kids playing in close proximity to animals don't finish this post. This includes you, mom.

Yes she is part pit-bull and yes they have a very high pain tolerance (great for children).

God bless this dog. She was found under a car hood next to a dead dog because apparently the owner really cared about her.  She was burnt and starved and going kennel crazy at the Humane Society.  They didn't think she would make it but she has and she's doing great. All she wants in life is food and someone to lay on; whether that be a bed or Tosha.

Madelin just adores her.
Now we are trying to teach her that tail and face pulling are no no's.

Oh, and on a side note, dog kennels are apparently more fun to play with than any toy. They're also great babysitters.

Just kidding!

*In no way do we condone letting children play unsupervised with an animal or in the same room as an animal.  Accidents do happen and we're always with her when she's playing with the dogs.  To be on the safe side don't let your children pull on tails, faces, or play with their food.  Also, we do not use a dog kennel as a babysitter (it was a joke, people).

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