14 September 2011

Shifting Winds

Does anyone else feel like the big guy upstairs has taken pity on us and blown us a cool breeze. 

I do. 
And believe me, I thanked Him.

Then, I started packing up our summer clothes.  I needed to free up some space anyway.  Our closet is the size of a port-o-potty, maybe smaller (smells better though). 
This whole budget thing has really cut into my shopping time.  Oh leisurely Target trips how I miss you.  Instead, I have to hide my wallet and "window shop" online.  I've also had to become a little more creative about my outfit options unless I want to wear the same thing every week. 
I may be poor, but darn it, I'm going to make it look good.

Lucky for me my mother kept a good portion of her clothes from the 70's, and they just so happen to be back in style.  After flipping through this fall's edition of InStyle magazine I will promptly be pulling out her cape and sending it to the dry cleaners. 

All her jewelry and dresses have already been retrieved and stashed in my "closet."

Since I don't get to go on shopping sprees anymore I believe in buying investment pieces, if you are going to purchase a new item.
But if its 80% off hanging on the clearance rack and you really want it, then anything goes.
(Quit rolling your eyes Andrew)

Here's my fall wish list to give my wardrobe a little push in the right direction.

A saddle bag (as in purse, not my hips) is something I've been eye-balling for a while now.  I found this baby at JCPenny for 19.99.  I just can't bring myself to spend more than that on something that will be sitting on the floor for the majority of its life.  
The blouse I also picked up at Penny's (thanks mom).  It reminds me of either my grandmother or a secretary.  Either way, I like it.  I'm picturing it with a high-waisted skirt or flared jeans.

Okay, lets stop a minute.  I need to talk about something no woman wants to talk about: legs.
(You chicken-leg women don't have to listen to this)
I have small feet, but if you were judging by my calf size, you wouldn't know it.  A size 6 boot never fits over my calves!  I have longed to have a good-looking pair of boots for years now, but all the wide-calf (aka plus size) boots are, well, ugly!  Even at my lowest weight (115), my wedding weight, I couldn't have pulled on a pair of those suckers if I had wiped a whole tub of Crisco on first.  I resigned to tights and decided it just wasn't going to happen for me.
Then I saw those puppy's up there (I should stop giving my accessories pet-names huh) and knew someone special was thinking of me this year.  They are semi-stretchy, but also have a clasp on the back that loosens  (or tightens for you lucky ones).  They fit like a charm.  At 39.99 I'll take em!
Oh, and by the way...
If any of you ask me about this conversation later, I'll deny having it.

Last, but not least, the dress.  I could wear a dress every day of the week, so something long and ladylike is what I'm picturing.  Realistically, this Mango, is way out of my budget, but I'm hoping to find something a bit more affordable.   

What is something you are looking forward to getting this fall?  Better yet, name something in your wardrobe that is a must-have.  Please people, I like to hear what's on your minds too!

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