02 November 2011

All Hallows Eve

Cue the creaking doors and boogie man laugh....

This is as close as Andrew got to dressing up for Halloween...darn those jobs.

This year I wanted to make sure Madelin took full advantage of this free candy holiday (for purely selfish reasons I assure you).  We broke out my old china doll costume, straight from China Town in San Francisco, and headed to Night of the Living Zoo.
Oh my goodness...

Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to take two (yes Jadon came with us) toddlers out to a party that might have been meant for older kids.  There were other little ones, but with all the slow moving lines it definitely wasn't geared toward toddlers.
Oh yea, I had a rough time trying to get into costume.  After no luck finding an outfit that didn't have the word "sexy" or a kimono (really?) I landed on Audrey Hepburn.  My hair is already short and I own enough black to make it work.  Until I walked outside, then promptly walked back inside to grab the most vintage looking coat I own.  So, I guess I just ended up dressing "fancy".  Perhaps it would've been more convincing if I had worn my sundglasses in the picture.

It was worth a try...

  Other than the inflatables the Witch's Zoo was probably Madelin's favorite, especially the pirate who let you pet his cat (hehe).  It was G rated I promise.

 This little girl isn't afraid of anything...seriously.

 I told you so...

There was also Boo Bowling.  They thew pumpkins at a row of ghosts.  We had to stand in line for this one because throwing pumpkins is right up her alley (yea, I try to be funny).  We tried not to wait in too many lines because Madelin had a tendency to help herself to the other childrens' candy or glow sticks.  Which bring me to: since when did flashlights become uncool and glow sticks become the accessory of choice?

Jadon was much better at bowling.  Look at that arm!

Madelin was given a pumpkin, handed it back, and went for the candy.  Smart girl.

I'd like to introduce Mr. Elmo the saloon girl and Ms. China cowboy.  They're very friendly.

There was an entire row of pumpkins lit up and I wish I had a video because Madelin had to stop and squat in front of each one before she could move on to the next.  That was when our group lost us.

 Is it just me or does she look way too happy to have her head in that contraption. 

I hope everyone had a safe and candy-filled Halloween and feel free to share!