03 September 2011

Farmer's Market

As promised (even if you didn't want it). I'm back with a more in-depth look at our farmer's markets. First of all, I consider myself lucky even having access to local produce. Even if its only once a week and a little out of our way; it's worth it. There's a couple reasons why I prefer to buy produce from the local farmers. The first being: its cheaper (I do feel a little bad that its not to support the farmers, but that is a close second). Very quickly, let me put it into perspective for you penny pinchers out there. I usually love Dillon's for buying produce (as opposed to Walmart) when its not available at the market. They let me down last week. $5 for two bell peppers... I don't even know why I bought them. They weren't even organic. That shopping trip of peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, grape tomatoes and peas ended up being around $40. Ridiculous... I'm not surprised people look over fresh produce when they're on a budget. (That's not exactly what I wanted to say, buts its a little more PC) Well, that being said. We armed ourselves with $20 this morning. We rarely ever take more than that. With $3 to spare (that's $17 spent :) we came home with: three massive cinnamon rolls, two bell peppers, three onions, 4 sweet potatoes, two zucchini, and a bag of dog treats. Take that Dillon's! Not to mention we got two free dog treats, because our dogs are pretty. Yea pretty (and friendly) pit bulls.
and Tosha. That's for everyone who shot us a dirty look today because they thought our dogs had on muzzles. They're harnesses for pete's sake. If they really wanted to bite you they could! (not that they would) Yea, so I'm really pleading with everyone to get up early at least one Saturday a month and see what you're missing out on. Oh, I almost forgot. There is another option. Wednesday nights there is a market in Delano and in Bradley Fair from 5 to 7 pm. Now you have no excuse. Here's where you can get all the legitimate information if you'd like.
Lets see, what's in season right now? Well, this was a bad year for tomatoes. They finally came, but way past fashionably late. Apples are just starting to come in. Peaches, melons, tomatoes, peppers, and onions are all still being sold. There's also always a couple stands that have fresh herbs for much cheaper than you'll find in the store. Of course there's always the homemade baked goods no matter what month it is. We're (being Madelin and I) are partial to Great Harvest's cinnamon rolls. They're the biggest.
Another nice thing about the old town market (other than the fact that they allow dogs) is that there's always a chef on hand making a dish of what's being sold that day. So, if you aren't sure what to make with something you bought. They'd be glad to help. If you're lucky you may even catch my husband down there.
Okay so this place is pretty neat. They're at both locations and make all their goods out of recycled materials. They also just started putting out their Halloween decorations and I think I'm going to have to get at least one. *Sorry all. I forgot to take our camera this week. There's booths that sell essential oils. You know, if you want to smell like a hippie or what-not. There's also birdhouses made out of gourds, childrens clothes, homemade soaps, pottery, plants, fresh pasta... You name it, they probably sell it.
I'll see you all bright and early next week!

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