25 August 2011


Oh summer, how I used to love you so.

Until you burned me. Everyday.

Triple digits..eh..I could do without hearing those words for a long time.

This is the first (well second if you want to count maternity leave)summer that I haven't worked full-time since I was 15.
Now, I when I say I wasn't working that may not be completely accurate. I do "work" part-time for a friend of mine. I hang out with her mom in the mornings (she's got some health problems). Its awesome- not the health problem part (shame on you) the hanging out with her part. It's like hanging out with my grandma.
I also had one more prerequisite class to take before I apply to nursing school.
Here's where my mother's "I told you so!" chimes in.
So in between classes, homework and "work" Madelin, Andrew, and I were able to fit in some playtime.

With the wonderful weather we've had this summer our outings usually involved early mornings or water.
So here it goes.

On Saturday mornings we'd try to make it out to the Farmer's Market for some fresh, local produce. This was Madelin-Daddy time for awhile while I worked in the mornings, but eventually I got to join in the weekly cinnamon roll fest.

I promise she enjoyed it more than that.


That's her "Get ready, I'm gonna throw this" face.

I personally prefer the west side market, but the old town market has this great hippie childrens' play area that Madelin likes.
They also allow dogs.
We're dog people.

Oh look a hacky-sack. That's not how I'd play it, but hey, to each their own.

Please look past Andrew's darling finger to those lovely green peppers.

EveniIf we don't buy anything (why would we ever do such a thing). I just love the atmosphere. The smells, the fresh food, the people. Turns out our neighbors are the honey people at the old town market. Who knew?

For those of you who don't get to the farmer's market much I'm planning on going into much more detail in a later post about what your missing.

That's how we started most all our weekends Then we ended with church. Yeah Magdalen!
So when we weren't shoveling cinnamon roll in our mouths we were usually in the water or with Jadon, my nephew (or in the water with Jadon...what!)

Alright, here's where I leave you.
I'm tired.
And it makes me more tired when I remember Madelin is going to wake me up at least twice tonight (subtract at least 45 minutes).
I promise I'll go on about Jadon. It would be hard not too. He's too stinking (sometimes literally) cute!

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