18 July 2011

Money, Money, Money

We're on a budget.
I mean a hardcore, penny pinching, belt-tightening budget.
We're on day two and it sucks. I want a soda so bad... That's pathetic huh.

Money has always been tight, but especially now that I only work part-time (if that). On top of that, if I get into nursing school - fingers crossed - then I won't be working at all.

I was raised in an upper middle class family, and was the only girl, so I never really went without. I can admit that now. I'm alright with us not bringing in that much, but old habits die hard.
Plus, I love a good sale.
By the end of the month I couldn't figure out where all our money had gone. Well, lets just say Dillons, Target, and QT should have a personalized parking spot for us. Its a little ridiculous.

After reading up on some different budgets, I chose the envelope system. Look here if you want some more information.
Its basically your grandma's way of budgeting. We've got six envelopes: Food, Gas, Clothing, Misc, Tithing, and Personal Items. I estimated high on all our bills as well as what I thought we'd need in each envelope. Lets hope this works. I'm sure we're going to have to tweak the amounts a couple times to get it right, but its worth a try.
What doesn't kill you can only make you stronger...that's how it goes isn't it?

We've also decided no more soda (that's a drain on my wallet) or monsters (Andrew's vice). They're not good for ya anyways.

And to top it off, I may be checking out this lady's site every once in a while. Please don't tell anyone...its embarrassing. I cross my heart I won't stock pile anything.

Have any tips or helpful hints for us? Please let me know. We're also not above handouts (I prefer coke zero...just kidding...kinda).

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