23 July 2011

A little place I like to call...home (part deux)

Alright people, please allow me to redeem myself after leaving you with that mess of a kitchen. All I've got left for you are the living room and miss Madelin's room.

Remember those new furniture purchases that I could count on one hand.
They're all in Madelin's room (go figure). We couldn't buy a hand-me-down crib, believe me, we tried. Something about drop sides squeezing baby heads...I don't remember but it didn't sound good. So we steered the other direction.

Here's my wonderful daughter...coming at me all big foot/ monster style. She doesn't wake up nicely from her naps, at least for me. I think she gets that from grandpa. (If you're reading this...sorry...its true)

Do you see those curtains, the white ruffled ones? Clearance aisle at Target. They just so happened to have three (exactly what I needed). I don't remember the exact price. I just remember being really excited about the price; like way more excited than anyone should ever get over window treatments.

Originally I didn't want the typical pink girly room for her, but you can see how well that worked out.
That's okay.
I like how it turned out.
The first piece I bought was her rug. I had been eye-balling that rug for months. Then one day a little bird told me to go check out the price on target's site. Yahoo! Marked down to $50...for a 5x8.
I was sold.
I told you. I like a good sale.

Next, we needed something to change that cute little tush on. Since I was never too keen on the idea of buying a piece of furniture specifically for wiping her bottom on I moved my red dresser in for her changing table.

As far as the changing table accessories go I wanted them to be an easy reach because we've got quite the wiggle monster. And if the diapers had to be displayed, by golly, they were going to be put in something pretty.

The diaper rack/shelf was a wall decoration at TJ Max that was given to us at her baby shower. (Thanks Inneke and Adam!) That Madeline book sitting up top, the one next to her cute Madeline doll, it was the inspiration for Madelin's name.
Sadly Madeline doesn't sound as good with Anne (her middle name) as Madelin does, so we had to compromise.

We were able to get her crib on sale from Target after watching the adds for a couple of months. We wanted to get one that looked like it matched the rocking chair my grandmother found for us. (On a side note, the chair cushion was 5, yes 5 dollars at Pier 1) Besides getting the sale price, if you bought a crib from the add they threw in a free mattress.

Her room was also lacking in the storage department. Her room doesn't even have a real closet.
We had already acquired an enormous amount of baby items before I was six months along so I utilized the "closet" as best I could and bought a small bookcase.
Luckily my mother had saved most all the books I had when I was younger and gladly passed them on to me. (I can't wait to read her some Dr. Seuss, because when I try to now she just shuts the book on me)

Just when I thought I was done "nesting" Andrew's mother came bearing a car full of gifts.
As in diapers.
I'm not even going to go into how we were able to fit the years worth of diapers into our house. It wasn't pretty.
I'm not kidding either. It was exactly a years worth of diapers. We didn't buy any until this June. (thanks Cindy!)
Well, there was one exception. She grew out of 2s too fast so I sold some boxes via craigslist to go buy some 3s. So really, we just traded.

On a side note, these are so easy and cheap to make. Don't go out to buy them...can you say "overpriced".

Enough about Madelin, I'm sure you're going to be hearing much more about her anyway if you decide to follow me (I fear I'm just talking to myself here).

On to the living room/family room/hearth room.
By the way, anyone else think its weird that I was raised to call it the hearth room. You can't even imagine the look Andrew shot me the first time he hear me refer to my parents hearth room.
I thought everyone called it that.

Oh where do I start...okay the furniture. Couch is an IKEA couch via craigslist. Its a slip-covered couch. This is crucial when you have dogs and kids, believe me. Chair and ottoman are hand-me-downs from my parents. The bookcase and media cabinet were bought new back in my college days.

ha gotcha... college days..I'm still in college people.

Oh and for those of you who still manage to think we have anything worth stealing. See our little 32 in tv...that's it. (we don't have cable, no need for a big one) That may be your one shot at 20 dollars at a pawn shop.
Not that I've ever pawned anything and would know what a TV is worth.

The large mirror and clock are from Andrew's grandma. Everything else on the mantle are table decorations from our wedding, believe it or not.

That my friends was a black and decoupaged table from hobby lobby that I repainted to better suite the room. Oh, and those curtains...they're from Home Depot...painting department...drop clothes. I love 'em though.
There's also random baskets of toys or wooden toys set out all around the room in hopes of catching Madelin's attention before say the jade Buddha on the side table.

Well there you have it, our home, and now that you've all been to my house it's only polite that we should be invited to yours.
Too bold?

Anything you've done in your house that you're particularly proud of lately or a good diy project?

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