19 August 2011

We're alive...kinda

I feel like karma just caught up with me for something bad I did in the past.
For real...let me tell ya about it.
So you all knew we were moving. We ended up moving a bit sooner thanks in large part to that Wednesday night storm. You remember, the one that took your power out...for days.
Lets just say I don't handle dangerous situations well. That's putting it nicely. That night I didn't even know bad weather was coming (we don't have cable). When the wind started picking up after dark I went out to pull the flower pots into the garage when
I thought our grill had gotten blown over. I mean it looked like Auntie Em's front yard for G's sake. Nope, our large maple had gotten struck by lightening or just cracked in half because of the wind, but either way it ended up falling on the power line pole in our backyard. It fell right into the transformer. Which then proceeded to shoot sparks all over our house and my neighbor's house. I wasn't about to hang around and wait for our house to burn down.

This is where I need to stop your and beg you not to judge. I told you I don't do well under pressure.

Anyway, I ran inside to grab the dogs and put them in the car. Yes I got the dogs first. Here's my reasoning and it doesn't make much sense now, looking back, but hey, hindsight is 20/20 right. I figured I didn't want the baby outside alone in the car with sparks flying while I got our stuff and the dogs. I, for some reason, thought she'd do better in the house (power had gone out by now) with sparks flying on top of it.
She slept through it all, by the way.

To make a tremendously long story short (because I'm already rambling) we had no power or AC (all triple digit days I might add) from that Wednesday to the next Tuesday night.
So needless to say we moved early.

I HATE moving.
I HATE moving even more with a baby.

You put it in the box. She takes it out. You (and by you I mean me) tell her not to over and over again. She cries because you said no. Repeat.

Thank goodness for my mother. My poor mother who volunteers to babysit for free. There's a special place in heaven for my mother and father.
Oh speaking of my father. Here he is.

You'd think that with how much Andrew and I hate moving we would've bought a house by now...you'd think huh.

I have lots to catch everyone up on because obviously we've been doing other things to keep ourselves occupied this summer.
I'll give you a hint.

I hope everyone else had a good summer. Any memorable stories?

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